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ハンドパン 販売, レンタル, レッスン,  試奏体験
Handpan Workshop
We do almost everything about handpans!
Sales / Lesson / Online

TAMARU has a variety of handpan of different makes and scales for you to try.

We have many students who are new to handpan and have no experience with music.

If you are not sure what kind of handpan to buy, or if you just want to try handpan, please feel free to come.

Reservations are required, so please contact us in advance.

Instructors are cojicose or Myuto

(cojicose is only available for private lessons.)



◎How to participate

Trial, lessons, etc. are collectively denoted as WS (workshop).
WS fee will be charged even if you only come to the store. Please note that specialized individual handpan handling methods and explanations are required.
Usually, WS may be with other participants.
Private workshops will not be held with other participants.



◎Date, time, and reservation

Please check the calendar below for reservation dates and times.

The availability of regular WS is not shown. Please contact us for other dates and times.

Please contact us by filling out the "WS Reservation Form" or by e-mail or SNS ◎Please use instagram if possible.

(instagram, facebook, Email(


If you contact us via SNS, please send us a message with the following information.


① Name (all of you)

② Desired date and time of participation

③ Regular WS or Private WS         

④ Whether you have handpan or not

⑤ Installation account 

⑥ Means of transportation (car, train, etc.) to come to the store

We will send you access information.


If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours of sending your message, there is a possibility that we may have missed your message.

Please contact us again.




Regular WS / Event Participation
1 person - 3,000 yen per hour
Individual Group 
2,000 yen per person from the third person in a group
2 people - 6,000 yen for a total of 2 hours
For 3 persons, 8,000 yen for a total of 3 hours
*Maximum 3 hours for more than 3 people

Private WS
1 person - 4,000 yen per hour
2,000 yen per person from the third person in a group
2 people - 8,000 yen for a total of 2 hours
For 3 people, 10,000 yen for a total of 3 hours.
*Maximum 3 hours for more than 3 people

Online WS

4,000 yen per hour
Online lesson, consultation on purchase, and trial of handpan of your choice are available.

Instructor : cojicose




1-2 Matsumuro Shoda-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto

Directions are listed below



Food and beverages are not provided. You are free to bring your own.

The content of the WS will be tailored to the participants' wishes and level of experience, so even those with no experience can feel free to participate.

Our motto is "anyone can have fun while playing.”

If you have any requests, such as "I want to practice this," we will actively work on it.


We leave it to the self-management of those who participate.

TAMARU Calendar

If you are using a cell phone, click "View More" to see all the appointments.

Click ">" to the right of a month to see the next month's schedule.

Only private WS appointments are shown as confirmed appointments. Please select the date and time you wish to make the other appointments. 

Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation for a date earlier than the one shown in the calendar.

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment later than the dates listed in the calendar.

1-2 Matsumuro Shodacho, Nishikyo, Kyoto 
Please use this link to find the address.

The restaurant is located at the end of the narrow alley to the west of where you stopped at the above link. (The alley behind the DIY store sign)

Do not park your car in this alley.

If you need to load or unload, please stop once at the T-junction just before (facing the rice field on the left)




- By train

10 minutes walk from Matsuo-Taisha Station. (Hankyu)

Google map will guide you to get off at Kamikatsura station, but we recommend you to get off at Matsuo-Taisha station.


- Bus

Kyoto City Bus

29 - Matsumuro Kitakawaracho 2 min.

28 - Matsuo Taisha-mae - 10 min.


Kyoto Bus

63,73 - Kitakawaramachi - 2 min.


- Car

Please use nearby paid parking lots for cars.

Coin-operated parks other than the following two types are very expensive.


(1) 600 yen for 12 hours


2) 1,000 yen for 24 hours

Koke-dera temple Tourist Parking Lot

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