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Handpan Workshop

参加料 3000円 (現金 or PayPay)

場所 代々木公園 バラの園近く

講師 : Coji Cose



TAMARU Gathering Tokyo

Gathering : 集まり・会合・集会・ギャザリング



予約不要 (任意)事前に人数がある程度把握できると助かります。

InstagramのCoji Cose宛に「6月○日○名で参加します。」とDMください。


Instagram Coji Cose

場所 代々木公園 バラの園近く

























Handpan Workshop

Date: Thursday, June 20

Time: 18:00-20:00

Fee: 3000 yen (cash or PayPay)

Reservation Required

Location: Near Rose Garden, Yoyogi Park


Instructor: Coji Cose



Please bring your own chair and mat as they are not provided.

TAMARU Gathering Tokyo

Date: Friday, June 21

Time: 17:00-20:00

Fee: Free

Location: Near Rose Garden, Yoyogi Park

Reservation: Not required (optional)

If possible, please DM Coji Cose on Instagram with the number of participants for June.

Example: "Joining with ○ people on June ○."

For any questions, please DM.

Instagram: Coji Cose

Let’s Have Fun Together!

Join us for a fun-filled event where you can freely express your love for music, dance, art, massage, or anything else you enjoy! 

No musical experience or instruments are required—everyone is welcome! 

We warmly invite players of all kinds of instruments, not just handpan.

Come and go as you please.

  • Meet various musicians and instrumentalists.

  • Engage in jam sessions.

  • Enjoy sound healing, dance, and electronic music.

  • Sing and dance.

  • Learn about music.

  • Make new connections.

  • Showcase your unique and niche instruments.

  • Simply listen to the sounds.

  • Practice yoga while listening to music.

  • Express your favorite activities and talents.

  • Capture memories with photography.

  • Set up your own stall.

Additional Notes:

  • ・Please bring your own chair and mat as they are not provided.

  • ・No instrument? No problem. We have a few instruments available for lending.

  • ・Feel free to set up your stall, but please take full responsibility for it.

  • ・Soliciting or any activities that do not align with the event's concept will be declined.

  • ・This is a fun gathering where everyone participates voluntarily. In case of any trouble or accidents during the event, please handle it at your own responsibility. Let’s enjoy our time together!

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